• Wood products

    The company’s main activity – rectilinear products, outdoor and indoor decoration materials planed, manufacturing, marketing. A lot of effort and investment in developing a new modern sawmill. High quality wood products, which ensures our company’s long-term experience.

  • Interior paneling

    While many great things came out of the 1970s, many people believe that wood paneling is not one of them, and many homeowners today are left dealing with outdated paneling in their homes. Some choose to remove the paneling, while others prefer the less-expensive and easier option of painting over it. With a few coats …



  • Floor boards

    Floor boards are fixed on mudsills; therefore, no base (plate, rough floor, concrete slab, etc.) is required and no additional costs for base preparation are incurred. Rapid work, as only two boards are required to lay one square metre. No cross-chinks appear, as board blanks are glued in the furniture micro-tenoning mode. The thickness of …